Zion Redemption understands that every ex-offender needs a stable living environment to function effectively in their reentry. Zion Redemption partners with city services, community refuges, and transitional living domiciles, to assist clients with independent living for a safe and healthier home.

Zion redemption is a non-profit 501 (C) (3) organization founded by Minister  Anthony T. Brown to serve the community and reestablish those who have been incacerated. Zion Redemption grew out of the need from Minister Brown serving in the County Jail. Minister Browns teachings left a permanent impact on prisoners that he visited. Former inmates requested Minister Brown to provide a place to worship and continue the mentorship upon release. Minister Brown recognized the need for the re-entry assistance for in-mates who were returning home to their comunities. Zion Ministries began offering their services in the year of 2016, and has since served many previously incarcerated male adults who were formerly in Harris County Jail.

What is Zion Redemption

                                          RE-ENTRY OUTREACH

When inmates complete their sentences and are ready to live on the outside again, the goal is their successful transition into the community. All too often they are released with little or no money to obtain shelter and food, and with just the clothes on their backs. Zion Redemption offers practical assistance assisting ex-inmates during their adjustment period by listening to them, encouraging and advising them.  Many ex-inmates need help with personal skills. Zion Redemption mentors also can open doors that lead to jobs, counseling and other practical support that spell the difference between success and failure. Zion Redemption assist ex-inmates with identifying a new job, obtaining a driver’s license, finding a place to live, getting a phone, and staying on good terms with their parole officers.